Tips For Purchasing The Good Golf Irons

How many racquets do you buy?

This question seems to be rather trivial, but there are a lot of options in choosing which individual racquet you are going to buy.The most game improvement irons set includes racquets from the 3-iron up to the pitching wedge, the irons 3 and 4 are being more and more often omitted in favour of hybrid racquets.Many high-level players opt for the span 2er to 9er iron, and can be in the short game more options for special wedges.The 2er iron offers you a little bit extra in length and an additional option for the tee.A medium-sized amateur player could choose the 5er Iron to Pitching Wedge variant to leave room for fairway woods and hybrid bats instead of the long golf irons.

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One of the greatest advantages of rack-and-bar racking in today’s world is the ability to test racquets on dismantling, measuring, or fittering. You cannot say that often enough: to find the right bats that is good, but only when you can really use them and judge them, feel, control, even the optics have learned, then can you be sure to find the perfect iron set for yourself.

Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting is a service offered by all major manufacturers, but also independent workshops, which has revolutionized the game of many golfers.The possibility to adjust certain properties of the golf iron supplements to your size and swing is a very useful procedure in the rack makingindustry.The average racket is matched to a 1.78 meter player. If this is not exactly your size, you will benefit from a custom fitting.

It includes the customer-oriented adjustment of the shaft length and the Lie angle (the angle between the bat head and the shaft – the larger you are, the more likely you need a more upright lie).Furthermore, the flex of the shaft can be adapted to the speed of its swing, so that the face does not come too ‘open’ or ‘closed’ to the ball.Even the bat head design can be adapted to their swing and the desired strokes.

Custom Fitting takes about 30 minutes and is offered in many pro shops and golf shops.Some manufacturers also have specially equipped fitting centers, where you are fitted with the latest technologies like a touring professional.They will have to dig deeply into the bag for the custom fitting, as if they were off the pole.On the other hand, you may not feel the desire for new bats too soon because they are perfectly aligned with them: there are no excuses!


On dismantling, the respective manufacturers offer all interested parties the opportunity to try out the latest equipment, give tips on the specifics and answer questions of all kinds.On some dismantling days, Custom Fitting Trucks are also available, where you can analyse your swing on the spot and order the customized racquets directly.

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