Top ASA slow pitch softball bats

The ASA (Amateur Softball Association) is one of the most popular softball associations.  Therefore, bats with ASA certification would be approved in many leagues that under the observation of ASA. In the market, there are numerous models of ASA softball bats. It’s quite confusing to decide which bat is the best for you. Therefore, the list of ASA slow pitch softball bats that received the highest rate from players would be useful.

best softball bats

DeMarini 2015 Juggy ASA Slow pitch Bat

DeMarini is always famous for bats that packed with many great features and cutting-edge technologies. Among DeMarini slow pitch bats approved by ASA, the 2015 Juggy has received the most compliments from players. Although Juggy is a composite bat, it is made from 2 different type of composite: stacked composite for barrel and TR3 F.L.O. composite for handle. This combination gives smoother but also stronger swing. Besides, this bat also has less vibration and better trampoline effect thanks to famous DeMarini technology called Big D End Cap. On top of that, DeMarini is successful in solving the biggest problem of composite bat: break-in period; the 2015 Juggy doesn’t need break-in and is ready out of wrapper. However, players have to pay more than 300 USD for this great quality.

Easton Salvo Composite Balanced ASA/USSSA Slowpitch Bat

Easton doesn’t lose to DeMarini in term of ASA slow pitch bat. The Easton Salvo is considered the most rounded bat in the market. It’s a one-piece composite balance bat. The most outstanding feature of this bat is the IMX Advanced Composite. This material has done a great job to enlarge the sweet spot of the bat; and as a result, it brings amazing pop. The grip has ultra-thin design to maximize comfort. Besides ASA, Easton Salvo also has approvals from USSSA, ISA, NSA and ISF, so it could be used in almost all leagues. Furthermore, Salvo doesn’t need break-in period.  Despite having top-notch quality, this Easton bat has affordable price: only 150 USD.

Easton Mako Torq Helmer End Loaded ASA Slowpitch Bat

Besides Salvo, MakoTorq Helmer is another great ASA slow pitch bat from Easton. It’s true to say that Easton has used most of their advanced technologies in this bat. First of all, ConneXion – Easton patented technology- could efficiently transfer the energy from handle to barrel and then creates more power and better contact. Secondly, the sweet spot of this bat considerably large thanks to another technology called TCT (Thermo Composite Technology). Similar to Easton Salvo, MakoTorq Helmer has ultra-thin grip which can bring more confidence and comfort to players. However, in order to get this technology packed bat, you have to pay more than 300 USD. Besides, this bat is only accepted in ASA leagues.

The 3 above bat is chosen as top 3 ASA slow pitch bat of 2016. As usual, most of products from top list are from the 2 biggest bat makers in the market: DeMarini and Easton. However, the other brands also have good bats, such as Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat and Miken Psycho Maxload ASA Softball Bat.

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