What Types Of Camping Hammocks To Choose?

There are tons of hammock options for your selection, so you can pick your favorite configuration. But which is exactly what you need for a camping trips? It that the high weight limit and the extra durable ropes which make your hammock reliable?

I would recommend you here two main types of hammocks that I consider the best camping hammock for backpackers in outdoor activities: they are deck hammocks and asymmetric finished hammocks.

camping hammock

The deck hammocks consist of flat ends which is reinforced by spacers. The result is a shape difference in the hang. While most hammocks rest on typical shape called ‘banana”, a deck hammock takes on a more like an open tube shape. This allows a more simplified configuration whichdoesn’t require as many adjustments as the others offered by the asymmetric finished asymmetric hammocks.However, a deck hammock is more likely to cause this feeling of compression when it is there, but some models seek to compensate for this sensation.

Finished asymmetric asymmetric hammocks

The gathered asymmetric finishing hammocks are the most popular design for backpack hammocks, and are said because of the fact that the ends are joined in one group on each side of the hammock. They get an asymmetrical design that allows them to be positioned diagonally to the hammock’s center line, resulting in a more flat overall sleep position. Compared to a deck hammock, they are lighter (thanks to less equipment needed to support the hammock overall shape) and more spacious.

Hammocks Camping Accessories

sleeping tips for campers

You should note that there are some absolutely necessary accessories for a hammock camper, mainly a tarpaulin and a quilt. The under-seam can be replaced with a floor cushion put inside the hammock fabric, but a specially designed hammock underlayer will offer superior warmth and comfort. A tarpaulin is mainly used to protect you from some elements and will be totally necessary to cover the enjoyment of your trips in the long term.

This list is not a completed version, but it is a good placeto start. As there is a wide variety of hammock patterns, body shapes and preferences of campers, you cannot find a hammock which work perfectly for all. The only way for finding the best hiking hammock for your need is to firsthandtry them out. If you are lucky, maybe you have a camping club or just a friend that had already taken the love at first sight in the hammock world that will allow you to try out their equipment. It is important to memorize what works for a 160 pound person will probably not be workable for a 200 pound person.

Once you have decided on what type of camping hammock suits you best, you will have many manufacturers to choose from in which two of the most reliable names of the company today are Warbonnet Outdoors Warbonnet Outdoors and Hennessey Hammocks. Consult your local dealers so that you canchoose the best camping hammock for you.

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